How to transfer your LINE account if you still have your old phone

You can now scan a QR code on your previous device to easily transfer your account to your new phone. Read on to learn how.

Before you begin

Make sure you have the latest version of LINE

Click here or scan the QR code to update LINE.

  • * You'll be taken to either the App Store or Google Play depending on your device.
  • * If you already have the latest version of LINE, there's no need to update now.
Make sure the version of LINE on your old device is at least 12.10 to use the QR code transfer feature.
  • - If you don't have version 12.10 or newer, first update LINE to the latest version on your old device.
  • - If you can't update LINE on your old device, see the "Check your OS version" section below.
  • - If you still can't update your version of LINE, try this transfer method instead.
Time to check!
  • Are you using the latest version of LINE?
How to check your version

Open the following screen on LINE Home tab > Settings
Tap About LINE to check your version.

  • * Version number in image is for reference only. Current latest version number will vary.

Check your OS version

Make sure your OS version meets one of the following:

• iOS 14 or above
• Android 7 or above

How to check your iOS version Settings > General > About
Software Version

How to check your Android version Settings > System > About phone
Android version

  • * The actual screens and path may differ depending on your device and version of Android.
Support for LINE 11.5 and later will end on the following older versions of Android and iOS. Account creation and transfer won't be possible on these OS versions starting November 5, 2019.

• Older than iOS 10
• Older than Android 5

  • * If you are using an older OS listed above, please update your OS from your device's settings.

  • Unable to update your OS?
  • * While you can continue to use your downloaded version of LINE, you won't be able to download LINE again if it's ever uninstalled from your device.
  • * If you can download the latest version of LINE on another device, you can then transfer your LINE account to that new device.

Update your backup

If your new device uses the same OS as your old device (Android to Android, or iOS to iOS), backing up your chats lets you restore your entire chat history on your new device.

If you haven't backed up your chats or are switching to another OS, you can only restore the last 14 days of messages.

Time to check!
  • Are you using the most recent backup data?

Open the following screen on LINE iOS
Settings > Chats > Chat history backup
Settings > Chats > Back up and restore chat history

  • * Android users should select the Google account that will be used for the backup.
  • * iOS users should check whether their iCloud has enough available storage space before performing the backup.

If transferring between iPhones

If you're transferring your account between iPhones, you can also use iOS's Quick Start transfer method.

- More about Quick Start

Transferring your account with Quick Start

1. Have both your old device and new device ready.
2. Set up your new device with Quick Start.
3. Open LINE.
4. Tap "Verify".
5. Enter your phone number.
6. Enter the verification code sent in the text message.
7. Enter your password.

- Please contact Apple support if you have questions about transferring your LINE account or chat history with Quick Start.
- If the Quick Start transfer doesn't work, you can restore your past chat history by making a backup of it in the LINE app beforehand. Please follow the steps below to restore your chats.

Transfer complete!

Good job! This completes the LINE account transfer process. Make sure to keep your registration info up-to-date and continue using LINE safely and enjoyably!
Make sure to transfer your LINE account the right way!